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Notes about this Masterlist

  1. This masterlist is mostly in English, given that people who are fluent in or know English are the majority of the server's user base. English is written in the Oxford Style, the standard for spelling English for international readership.
  2. There may be some overlap between information provided in resources. This is to be expected from an expansive list about a cluster of closely related topics.
  3. Due to some people being uncomfortable with the term queer and how a lot of intersex people do not consider themselves to be part of the LGBT+ community, the abbreviation LGBT+ is used. No alterations are made in the resource names if they use abbreviations containing these words, however.
  4. The term "Bi+" is used for anybody who identifies with any non-monosexual/romantic label (e.g. bi, pan, omni, etc.)

Symbol Guide

  • ⚠️ Material contains discussion related to genitals and/or sexual acts.
  • 🚩 Material contains discussion of abuse and/or assault.
  • πŸ“„ PDF Document
  • πŸ“ Has fill-in-the-blanks or answer sheets


General Resources and Information

Communities, Groups, and Directories

  • Transgender Pulse: International organization for the transgender community, hosting a forum site, extensive information regarding transitioning, and a database of resources. (Recommended)

Questioning Resources

How to Decide on a Name

Coming Out Guides

Transitioning in School or the Workplace

Hormone Replacement Therapy


Reproductive Health ⚠️

Short-Term and Long-Term Health

Finances and Employment